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I am a student in London and throughout the semester, Finchley live with a young couple. I moved to London in September 2006 after finding an ad that offers a space for students of Paul and Claire in the list of the structures of the cuntcore University, went to see her, he met an attractive pair of thirty years, I seemed to have, and in Paul was a good guy and it was hard to keep your eyes Claire. In 19 years, my friends were all the same age and I 've never done before, what would have sex with a thought, a 32 -year-old - until now ! But of course, was married and can not be interested in a 19 years old. Her long brown hair, dark brown eyes, with full lips and breasts, the mounds of maturity, you have chosen any top is used. She had beautiful legs and a lower die so that the more formal skirt that had to cuntcore work very appreciated. cuntcore Most nights I imagine naked in bed with Paul. All I had was a mental imagethan it was in the nude. I often heard the sound of her sex. To live through the frustration with a beautiful woman who took me to her frequent masturbation as an object of my desire. It was a bit much for me and made a serious move, but then never see them again. Paul worked hard. I was at home, sometimes late at night he would return and find ' friends' in a straight line. They were always interested in knowing whether I would be away for the weekend and occasionally she would be ovenight. One night, Paul told me he was sitting a couple of weeks. The next morning, Claire asked me if I would go to dinner cuntcore with her ​​when she was alone. Gladly accepted the offer and all day I thought of nothing but his own. She was an excellent cook, who had eaten with them before and were dressed casually at night there is a touch of provocation. I realized this and was raWas disappointed, I hoped they might like it ! If you let modesty, I am a very handsome young man and very popular with older girls my age, but a woman 12 years was interested in me - cuntcore who I was, a joke had been drinking wine with dinner and I was very relaxed after initially nervous and moved to the lounge for coffee. We talked for a while and I had to do when I gave thanks for the delicious dinner and asked him to apologize. As we said goodnight, he kissed me on the cheek. I went to my room......... continued
Par cuntcore-ny
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